Help Save Bird Aid

We’ve done it before Brighton fans, let’s help save the Gulls!

Bird Aid is a rescue and rehabilitation centre specialising in gulls. Having worked with wildlife, specialising in garden birds, their founders recognised the desperate need for specialist facilities for larger birds and, hence, Bird Aid was formed.

With gulls now in serious decline, and a real lack of information on how to care for them correctly, they aim to improve gull welfare through improving resources, collaborative efforts with associated organisations, and improving public perception of these beautiful and fascinating sea birds.

But on Nov 27th, Bird Aid in Sussex stand to be shut down owing to lack of financial support.

This means dozens of future wild birds stand to be neglected and left endangered in the Brighton, Hove and the Sussex area.

So if you would like to donate and support this organisation in order to safeguard its future, please go to their website for more details.

Author: tweetingseagull

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